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From "Bill Pfeiffer" <>
Subject Newbie with javac classpath problem
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2001 16:56:56 GMT
I have just started writing up my ant scripts and have hit a roadblock.  I
can't seem to get the javac task to recognize more than 1 jar file in my

Here are my two attempts:

Attempt 1:

<javac srcdir="${ejbsrc}" destdir="${ejbbuild}"

Attempt 2:
  <javac srcdir="${ejbsrc}" destdir="${ejbbuild}">
    <pathelement location="${utildir}/oasis-util.jar"/>
    <pathelement location="${jboss-lib-ext}/ejb.jar"/>
    <pathelement location="${jboss-lib-ext}/jndi.jar"/>
    <pathelement location="${jboss-lib-ext}/activation.jar"/>
    <pathelement location="${jboss-lib}/jdbc2_0-stdext.jar"/>
    <pathelement location="${ejbbuild}"/>

Attempt 1 will get the first jar but no others.  Attempt 2 doesn't seem to
pick up any.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Suggestions for proper alternatives?


Bill Pfeiffer

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