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From David Corbin <>
Subject Re: How can I resolve Java dependencies w/o javac
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2001 17:52:01 GMT
I don't know whatant does, but take a look at werken.javad at

> "Brooke Wallace (EWU)" wrote:
> Hi,
>    A friend of mine pointed out your project because you are working
> on an
> make like environment to build java code. We are also building java
> code and
> have a very complex, very automated build environment that uses a
> varient of
> GNU make.
> The problem that we have encountered, that I would like to ask you
> about is
> that when you build the java code, how do you determine the code
> dependencies,
> or order of compilation?
> I know that if I do javac *.java the java compiler will resolve all
> dependencies
> or if I keep my java source in the same path as the java package name.
> The
> problem with letting the java compiler determine dependencies and what
> should be
> compiled is that javac only knows about timestamps. If you are using a
> safisticated revision control system, as most professional development
> must,
> then timestamps are not enough to determine whether or not to rebuild
> a
> particular file. We are using Rational's Clearcase for revision
> control. It
> comes with clearmake which has a GNUMake mode and is aware of
> clearcase:
> Configuration Records (CRs) and Dervied Objects (DOs) so that it goes
> far
> beyond using timestamps to determine what files need to be rebuilt.
> Have you considered these issues for you project? Are you just using
> timestamps?
> Anyway what we need is someway to generate java makefile dependencies
> similar
> to how a lot of C compilers do with a -M option. Obviously javac does
> not have
> a -M option, but developing such a script would involve parsing the
> java code,
> and that is a substatial part of javac that has already been
> implemented. So
> I just want to know are you guys planning to let javac determine what
> to
> compiled for you, or have you faced this issue of dependencies and
> thought of
> some solution.
>         -Brooke
>         Ericsson Wireless Communications Inc.

David Corbin

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