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From Bevan Arps <>
Subject How to delete existing files
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 21:53:13 GMT

Given two directories A and B how do I use Ant to delete all files in B
that also exist in A?


If A contains the files: one.file, two.file, three.file
and B contains the files: one.file, three.file, fish.file

I want to delete one.file and three.file from B.

I haven't been able to work out how to achieve this and haven't found
anything like this in the mailing list archive, so any ideas would be

I tried this:

<delete dir="B">
  <fileset dir="A">
    <include name="*"/>

But this deleted all the files in both A and B. :-(

Then I tried this 

<delete dir="B">
  <fileset dir="A">
    <include name="*"/>
  <mapper type="flatten"/>

But delete doesn't support mappers. 

Any ideas?


Bevan Arps, OO Analyst                    email:
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