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From "Chris Greenlee" <>
Subject Calling ant on every directory in a fileset
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2001 17:54:58 GMT

I'm trying to write an ant build file to invoke another ant build file
on each directory in a certain directory.  For example, if this were my
directory structure:


I would want to invoke an ant script to perform a task on /a/b, /a/c,
and /a/d.  I don't know ahead of time what directories will exist in /a,
so I can't hard code them.

I attempted to use "execon" like this:

		<execon executable="ant.bat" type="dir">
			<arg line="-buildfile package.xml"/>
			<fileset dir="deploy/packages"
				<include name="*"/>

This fails, however, because execon places a space after the arg line.  

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Chris Greenlee

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