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Subject Re: command-line arguments
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 17:35:22 GMT

I do this and have been very happy with it.  We have a directory stucture
that is set up in our source control system (StarTeam) and using the
build.bat, we are able to override the default paths for consultants who
have their source and tools set up differently.

I use an file to set up all my properties and override the
ones I want in my build.bat by sending them as parameters.  I've included
my build.bat, build.xml, and to illustrate.  Get back to me
if you have questions.

(See attached file: build.bat)(See attached file: build.xml)(See attached


Andrew Goodnough
Dana Commercial Credit
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i have started using ant quite recently -- we're thinking of using its
platform independent features to replace batch files and shell scripts (in
part) rather than as an installation tool.  toward that end, i wanted to
modify the class to set all command-line
parameters following a lone hyphen (-) as properties (of the form 'arg1',
'arg2' etc.).

any thoughts on this?  good idea/bad idea/been done etc.?

thank you in advance!

Salman Halim
Advisory Software Engineer, HP Bluestone
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