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From Nigel Leslie <>
Subject Starting Background Tasks with Ant
Date Mon, 21 May 2001 15:19:27 GMT
Good Afternoon,

I am using Ant on a Linux machine, and am attempting to start a java process 
as a background task. However, including a '&' (or &amp;) as an argument does 
not cause the process to start separately. (in fact it didn't like it at all)

I have also created a .sh script which -then- starts another process with an 
&. Running this .sh from the command prompt causes the program to run in the 
background, however within Ant the control does not return.

I'm guessing that Ant does not regard a <java> or <exec> to be completed 
until all child tasks have finished. Is this correct? Is this a bug (or even  
a feature)? Is there a workaround?


Nigel Leslie
NUIX Pty Ltd

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