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From "Adam Flegman" <>
Subject Classpath not present problem
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 01:42:11 GMT

I'm having some trouble with a classpath declaration.

The format of my make file is load properties, declared patternsets, then
create path entries (some of which are based on properties whilst others are
based on patternsets).

The offending path declaration is listed below:

<!-- Orbix -->
<path id="orbix.classpath">
     <fileset dir="${}">
        <patternset refid="orbix.files"/>

I think the line of code failing is the <fileset dir="...." command. The
directory it is referring to isnt actually in existence at the begining of
the whole process, but rather it gets created as a result of a cvs checkout.

The orbix.files pattern set is only 3 jars so I suppose i could do something
like the following but was wondering if there was a more elegant way to
address this:
<!-- Orbix -->
<path id="orbix.classpath">
    <pathelement location="${}">/cm.orbix2000.jar"/>
    <pathelement location="${}">/omg.jar"/>
    <pathelement location="${}">/orbix2000.jar"/>



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