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From Andrew Thompson <>
Subject RE: Ant not compiling all it should
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 18:46:41 GMT

>     >Run Ant in verbose mode (-v). It should then tell you 
> why it is recompiling
>     >files. The usual problem is that a file's location 
> within the source tree
>     >does not match the class' location in the package namespace.
> We've experienced this as well, but that's not the problem -- it 
> isn't compiling files that it *should* compile.  Running Ant
> several times in a row results in non-deterministic (from my
> point of view, anyway) behavior.
> /\ndy

Unless you're doing something odd, its javac which determines what is and
isn't compiled, not ant. The only times I've seen javac behave as you
describe are when your source code is not arranged in a directory structure
which mirrors the package structure:

ie, class should be in com/foo/bar/


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