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From Andrew Hunt <>
Subject RE: Ant not compiling all it should
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 20:00:13 GMT

AndyT says:
    >Unless you're doing something odd, its javac which determines what is and
    >isn't compiled, not ant. 

I thought Ant went through and only presented obviously out-of-date files
to Javac in the first place?  (Of course, I would think that would foul up
the Javac dependancy mechanism, but what do I know...)
    >The only times I've seen javac behave as you
    >describe are when your source code is not arranged in a directory structure
    >which mirrors the package structure:

No, that's not it.  We can run Ant n times in a row, and it
will try to compile a *different* number of files each time.

If a particular file contains a syntax error, it might complain about
it the first time, but then never try to compile it again.  I can sometimes
alter a file and have it be ignored -- not compiled at all unless
I clobber the .class file.  Again, this doesn't happen *every* time,
as would be the case if the package name/directory structure were
out of sync.  It only happens every now and again.  

The directories are not mounted, the machine is time-slaved via
NTP to the Great Gods of Internet Time, and I cannot figure out
what else could make this thing go quite so screwy.

I'm almost ready to go back and suffer with make...(!)


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