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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: antrun.exe
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 03:39:59 GMT
At 08:58 AM 5/29/01 -0700, Michael Jennings wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I've written a Windows executable called antrun.exe for launching ant.
>If you place antrun.exe in the $ANTHOME/bin directory, when launched
>it will automatically finds any currently installed JDK, adds tools.jar from
>to the classpath along with all .jar files in $ANTHOME/lib then launch ant.
>By putting this executable in $ANTHOME/bin and adding $ANTHOME/bin to the
>classpath, I was able to run ant without setting any environment variables.
>If anyone thinks this could be a useful addition to the ANT project, let
>me know and I'll post the code + exe.

Could be interesting for win9x platforms though the other windows platforms
should deal with it if JAVA_HOME is set or java is on path.



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