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From Rajkumar Seth <>
Subject RE: Building files in a package in order
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 12:31:08 GMT
This is the javac from my build file.

   <javac srcdir="${build.classes}"
           <src path="${build.classes}"/>
           <src path="${build.classes}"/>

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From: Shaikh, Mehmood 
Subject: RE: Building files in a package in order

Include/Exclude worked for me, can you be more specific, e.g. include the
portion of your build file.

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From: Rajkumar Seth 
To: ''
Subject: RE: Building files in a package in order

Thanks I tried this

1) Separate JAVAC just for the 2 files included 
2) Main JAVAC with the 2 files excluded that depends on 1)

The problem was I could not get the include / exclude to work: the JAVACs
both 1) and 2) did not seem to do anything.

The 2 files I want to build before the main build are:




But when I tried putting these in an include it did nothing but changing the
file name from say to *.java worked but that compiles
the other 58 files in the package.

I have not been able to find any examples of includes that reference a
specific file all the examples seem to use wild cards.


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From: Nick Christopher []
Sent: 2001 May 21 16:31
Subject: Re: Building files in a package in order

Use two separate javac tasks in sequence using the includes and excludes
attributes to first select only the two files
and then exclude the two files.

Read the docs on: javac, includes, excludes.

Rajkumar Seth wrote:

> I have a package with 60 .java files in it.
> I want to compile all these file for every production build.
> This works but JAVAC (1.2.2 release 007 and 1.3) complains that 2 classes
> the file are missing.
> If I compile these 2 classes first using JAVAC then everything is fine.
> My solution was to get ant to build these 2 .java files (and not the other
> 58 in the directory)
> How can I get ant to build just these 2 files before building the rest?

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