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From "Ben Hutchison" <>
Subject Yet again!!!! *&^%$£"! "Couldnt find classic compiler"
Date Mon, 21 May 2001 15:05:05 GMT
Hi all,

Yes, I too have the "Cant find classic compiler" affliction that seems to hit so
many Ant users, judging by the number of posts on this issue.

Yes, my JAVA_HOME is set correctly...
Yes, tools.jar is in my classpath...
Yes, Im using a standard Sun 1.3 distribution...
No, I dont have ant.jar in my lib/ext/ directory...
and finally,
No, it still not working.

To save future generations from my frustration, can I please ask:

1. Can someone who was involved in writing the compiler lookup code and knows
how to solve this problem, please write an entry in the FAQ ASAP

2. Can the annoying message that results be changed, to A) describe what exactly
was not found, at least in debug mode (eg ClassNotFoundException), and B)
Mention the FAQ entry so people have somewhere to go for help, since the
recommened medicine,
"A common solution is to set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to your jdk
directory", seems insufficient for most users.

If anyone has information or advice that can help me, much appreciated.


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