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Subject Property use in non-attibutes
Date Tue, 29 May 2001 14:30:01 GMT

Is there any way to make property references work in a non-attribute way.
In the following task I have the command.text property which comes out fine
in the echo task since it is part of the message attribute of echo.  But
further down in the telnet task it is used again as the value of a write
element.  Trouble is it comes out as "${command.text}" and not "ls".  Help
would be appreciated.

     <target name="testtel"  if="host">
          <property file="${hosts}/${host}/"/>

          <property name="command.text" value="ls" />

          <echo message="${command.text}" />

          <telnet server="${host.server}" userid="${host.userid}" password="${host.password}">

               <write>set prompt = 'ANT-READY'</write>

               <write>cd /export/opt/jrun/servers</write>




Rob Worth

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