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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Yet again!!!! *&^%$#"! "Couldnt find classic compi ler"
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 06:15:31 GMT

calm down a little, please - and help me create the missing FAQ entry
with your help.  It usually boils down to one of the reasons you've
already checked.

The compiler detection code tries to load, which
is part of in Sun's JDK 1.1 and tools.jar in later JDKs.

Ben Hutchison <> wrote:

> Yes, my JAVA_HOME is set correctly...

Could you give us some details here, please.  Which OS, what does your
JAVA_HOME point to ...

> Yes, tools.jar is in my classpath...

Not necessary if you start Ant using the ant or ant.bat scripts. As
long as tools.jar is in JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar the script will pick
it up automatically.

> Yes, Im using a standard Sun 1.3 distribution...

In which case Ant would first try to use the "modern" compiler  It doesn't seem to find this either.

> No, I dont have ant.jar in my lib/ext/ directory...

fine, and nowhere else in your CLASSPATH, right?

> and finally,
> No, it still not working.


Which version of Ant are you using?  

Are you sure that the java executable you invoke (when you type java
on the command line) is the same one as the one in JAVA_HOME/bin?

The "cannot find classic compiler" message will appear if you are
running Kaffee (which you'll find as /usr/bin/java on many Linux
systems) - and I've heard rumors that one can sometimes find a
JAVA.EXE in the Windows system directory (and this one is not related
to the VM you've just installed).


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