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From Daniel Becker <>
Subject Is the flatten attribute of "move" a mapper?
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 15:43:44 GMT
Consider this sample:
       <move todir="requests" flatten="true" >
            <fileset dir="temp" >
                    <include name="**/*.java"/>
            <mapper from="([^\.]+).java" to="\"

If I have a Source tree of java classes in temp and then execute the above,
I would expect all my java files to be moved into  requests and renamed to
* This doesn't happen, the flatten bit doesn't work. It works
when I spilt it into two moves.

Using a flatten mapper (instead of the attribute) I got a message that said
I'm only allowed one mapper per move. 
So I'm concluding flatten is somehow considered a mapper.

Any thoughts?


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