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From Andrew May <>
Subject Antcall behaviour question
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 13:08:00 GMT

I'm using Ant1.3 on Solaris with JDK1.3.0, and I'm getting the following 
behaviour that I didn't expect. With the example below, when I call 
"t1", which depends on "init" and antcall's "t2" which also depends on 
"init", "init" gets called twice. Whereas if "t1" depends on "init,t2" 
and the antcall is removed, "init" only gets called once.

<target name="init">

<target name="t1" depends="init">
	<antcall target="t2"/>
<target name="t2" depends="init">

Is this a bug (that may already be fixed because I know there have been 
some changes to CallTarget since Ant 1.3), or the expected behaviour?



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