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From Bevan Arps <>
Subject Re: multiple builds
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 22:57:35 GMT
At 11:33 15/08/2001 -0700, Steve Wells wrote:
>Is anybody out there using Ant for multiple builds, including
>sub-projects, etc?  If so what are your recommendations & other
>considerations involved?

I'm using Ant for both production and daily builds of a large number of 
Delphi applications.

It works extremely well.

My recommendations would be these:

-- Keep the size of your build files down where possible
I make extensive use of AntCall which results in the Build files being 
reparsed multiple times. I have successfully split the builds across over a 
dozen build files (for different groups of applications).

-- Be systematic
Don't hack the files together - plan what you need and approach it in a 
methodical manner. Hack & slash (as always) work for the small cases, not 
for the large.

-- Refactor
If you find stuff you're repeating, look to see how you can refactor it to 
reduce complexity

Hope this helps,

"Programming is an Art Form that Fights Back"

Bevan Arps (<>
Senior OO Analyst, ACT Financial Systems

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