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From Atherton Richard - Z9V <>
Subject RE: FTP builder
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2001 17:17:46 GMT
thanks it worked

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From: Dave Carpentier []
Sent: mardi 21 août 2001 18:06
To: ''
Subject: RE: FTP builder


I believe you need the NetComponents.jar instead.


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From: Atherton Richard - Z9V
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 11:02 AM
To: ''
Subject: FTP builder

I'm trying to use the ftp task, but I get the error 'Could not create task
of type: ftp' whenever I try to run ant. I have the optional.jar in the lib
directory: I don't understand what it's complaining about. Below is a
snippet from the build file and the log file - (I'm just starting with the
sample settings from the docs).

Any ideas any one?


********* BUILDFILE ********* 

<!-- ======================================================= -->
<!-- Now ftp the jar to the server		 			 -->
<!-- ======================================================= -->
<target name="ftpPhoenix" depends="jarPhoenix">
<ftp server="" port="2121" 
	userid="coder" password="java1" 
	binary="yes" >
	<fileset dir="htdocs/manual"> 
		<include name="**/*.html"/> 

********* LOG ********* 

Buildfile: buildall.xml
Detected Java Version: 1.2
Detected OS: Windows NT
parsing buildfile D:\Work\Phoenix\bin\buildall.xml with URI =
Project base dir set to: D:\Work\Phoenix
Build sequence for target `ftpPhoenix' is [ftpPhoenix]
Complete build sequence is [jarPhoenix, ftpPhoenix, clean, prepare, compile,
copyWeblogicProperties, javadocs, buildBeans]



D:\Work\Phoenix\bin\buildall.xml:161: Could not create task of type: ftp.
Common solutions are to use taskdef to declare your task, or, if this is an
optional task, to put the optional.jar in the lib directory of your ant
installation (ANT_HOME).

Total time: 1 second

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