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I'm interested in seeing examples of buildfiles that work well for you and
those that you would consider very well organized.  If you have copyright and
NDA issues to deal with please ignore this.  Feel free to email me directly.

There are some confidentiality issues which mean I don't feel comfortable with releasing the files directly. I can describe some details however.

We've factored out a number of utility targets into a common file (Common.xml) which is included in all our other files using a standard XML trick involving entity definitions. (Search the archive for details).

The targets within each file are systematically named. For example, we've termed each collection of related builds a "block".

Inside block.ant you will find these targets: - Do a production build of this block at version nnnnn
block.src.nnnnn - Retrieve all the source code of this block at version nnnnn
block.compile - compile the source code for this block
block.document - document the source code for this block
block.src.files - fileset listing all source directories

This structure makes it easy to manage file maintenance.

Eg: to add a new version of the block, we don't have to guess the names of the targets required. Invoking builds in other blocks (eg for core functionality) is easy because all blocks use the same system.

Feel free to ask questions and I'll answer the best I can.

Hope this helps,


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