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From "Joseph S. Barrera III" <>
Subject Ant for J#?
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 22:06:46 GMT
Is anyone out there using Ant to compile java with Microsoft's J#?

I can see three possible approaches:
1. Extend the javac task to understand jc.exe (the J# compiler)
2. Use an existing compiler type recognized by javac, e.g. jvc,
    and then write a cover script to transform arguments into a
    form expected by jc.exe
3. Give up and just use the exec task instead of javac

I'd really like to avoid choice 3.
I'm expecting to do choice 2.
But I'd love to have choice 1 possible, either because
someone has already done the work, or because it's
not that hard to do and I can just do it myself.

Comments? Help? Please?


- Joe

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