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From Michael Grubb <>
Subject Problem with filesets
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 18:18:15 GMT
I'm having a horribly difficult time with filesets.

What I need is to chmod one level of directories with the same
permissions, but I don't want it to touch anything above or below those
directories.  I also don't want to "hardwire" the name of the
directories into the build.xml file.

Here is the directory structure I have.

    |   |
    |   +---conf/
    |   |
    |   +---ssl_keys/
    |   |
    |   +---support/

And some other directories under var and opt

what I need is to chmod the etc/, var/, and opt/ directories without
touching anything below them.

What makes sense to me according to the way the documentation reads
is I should be able to do something like this:
(where ${basedir} is work and ${dist} is "${basedir}/dist")

<chmod perm="u=rwx,g=rx,o=rx">
	<fileset dir="${dist}>
		<include name="*" />
		<exclude name="*/**"/>

but this doesn't work I get an empty fileset when I try.

Any pointers?  What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

m. grubb

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