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From "Brian Burch" <>
Subject Message: modern compiler not found, classic will be used
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 20:37:02 GMT
Re: Antwort: Odd Behaviour ... I think I can be more helpful if I move away from
the flames....
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On Tue, 29 Jan 2002 06:07:54 -0800 (PST), Diane Holt wrote:
>Does anything in the questions/info Stefan provided here:
>apply to your situation?

Yes, this extract of a conversation is very relevant. It indicates we are talking about
a reasonably common, tricky to diagnose, easy to fix problem.

The original post by Hauke Stammer referred to the ant message "modern compiler
not found, classic will be used", followed by the once-upon-a-time-helpful suggestion 
that the user should update the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

However, these days I suspect this message is almost always going to be encountered by
newbie ant users trying to build their first HelloWorld application. I think this is why the
message has such a helpful tone.

In my case, and possibly some of the others back in time, the situation became
confusing to diagnose because :-
1. JAVA_HOME *was* "apparently" set properly to the jdk 1.3.
2. javac ran perfectly from the command line.
3. tools.jar was NOT on the classpath after installing jdk 1.3
4. jdk 1.1 was not installed, so "boom"
5. put tools.jar into the ant execution classpath and "bingo, it works"

I was lucky enough to find the an old posting in the archives that gave me the clue about
tools.jar. This jar was not on my default classpath, but javac was still finding it. I don't
understand why it was being found by javac from the command line, and not by the ant
<javac> task, but that didn't matter to me because I had resolved my problem.

In my original post,  suggested an update to the message, or the documentation, simply
to reinstate the useful intent of the original message. When it was written, I suspect that
many users were switching from jdk 1.1 to 1.3, so JAVA_HOME was an obvious place
to look for the solution. These days, very few people will be in that situation. It's more
likely they have installed a jdk 1.3 and have been using javac successfully *without* ant
some time. I blamed myself for the error, but others might blame ant because it was seen
to be holding the smoking gun.

I *could* download the source and submit a change to the message myself. Honestly,
I'm not lazy - just too new to the product to feel confident I could make the change at
this time. I'm not familiar enough with the different java compilers supported by ant to
even know how the message should be phrased. I decided to make a new post under
a very meaningful heading. That way others will be able to easily find advice (for a while...)


Brian Burch

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