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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: very, very cool!
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 07:52:45 GMT

thanks for that - it is appreciated by ant dev :)

On Wed, 30 Jan 2002 12:55, Alan Pearson wrote:
> Many of the messages I read on this alias are from frustrated people who
> are grappling with configuration issues, asking "how do I write this..."
> type questions, etc.  And thats what a users alias is for, of course.  But
> I thought I'd just send out a general "thanks and kudos" message to the
> developers and contributors of ANT.  [My apologies if you consider this a
> waste of the lists bandwidth]
> At my organization, we have had an ant-based build system that builds on
> Linux and Win32 for a while now.  We built on top of that a daily build
> system that uses the CVS tasks to get the latest code and compile it.  We
> wrote a hands-free installation script in ant that uses the Copy and SQL
> tasks (plus some custom ant-tasks that wrap JNI code to do some OS-specific
> installation junk).  Now, I've just finished integrating our unit tests
> into ANT using the <junit>, <junitreport> and <mimemail> optional tasks,
> and the result has been amazing!
> I am so impressed with ANT's flexibility, extensibilty, and versatility.
> There is no way we could be so far along in terms of the XP "continuous
> integration" philosophy without a tool like ANT.  The ANT developer
> community has produced a very, very cool piece of software that has made a
> huge contribution to the art of software development by making the
> automation of the develop/build/test cylcle very easy!!
> Thanks to all,
>     Alan Pearson
>     Software Design Engineer
>     Paramark, Inc. -- <>



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