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From "Brian Burch" <>
Subject Re: Message: modern compiler not found, classic will be used
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:03:59 GMT
Thanks, Diane and Steve, for your helpful comments. You've rounded-off the subject well and
improved my understanding at the same time.
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X-Spam-Rating: 1.6.2 0/1000/N

We developers of java-based, (implicitly or explicitly) cross-platform products are very fortunate,
because "the environment" largely becomes someone else's problem. Strictly speaking, that's
there is to say. However, I'm sure you will agree that real satisfaction comes from seeing
derive valuable results from deployment of our products.

End users don't always rtfm... they don't always even read the messages on popups from cute
wizards! IMHO a product works best when *most* first-time users (warts and all) gain sufficient
from initial use to *want* to learn more. I try to apply this general philosophy to draw a
line with my own
products... If a particular error is likely to be encountered by a newbie user, I usually
go for "user friendly"
messages. On the other hand, the majority of errors get the terse, professional treatment
that yeilds a
few relevant facts and (hopefully) a reference to the appropriate documentation.

ant is already an excellent product. I hope it attracts and retains many new users. I can
see that you spend
a lot of time patiently answering questions from users. If more of your knowledge became easily
generally accessible, we would all benefit and you would spend less time going over "old"
topics. It
was a "cookbook" article that first lead me to ant, but I found the documentation daunting
in scope, yet
sometimes lacking in detail.

I promise to read the articles referenced at
before I post
any new questions!


Brian Burch

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