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From Michael J McGonagle <>
Subject Re: Ant for J#?
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 14:54:47 GMT
Darth Darknerd wrote:
> I don't want to be political, but what's the point on working on
> abortive standards.  It is cumbersome technically to support
> alternative java-like languages, and this may take away momentum
> for existing java support and future developments.  Also, I fail
> to see the point to support a language that will forever only run
> on one environment: Windows.

While I do agree with you, there is 95% of the world (or so the stats
say) that would seem to disagree. Inspite of the fact that Microsoft has
proven that they insist upon dominating a market that they are neither
prepared to, nor do they really care about, you can't ignore the

I know of quite a few companies in graphic arts who have put their whole
developement efforts into using Java on Windows (Creo/Scitex,
Heidelberg, etc.), so they might want something like this for their
developement tools.

I do agree that things like J# may be a flash in the Pan, but is
Microsnort marketing it as part of their .NET? Or are they just trying
to reel in all  the Java developers that love their IDE. Aren't there
Linux projects to port .NET to an open source code base? We all know
that the only real reason that Microshlock does these things is to
subvert technology that they are afraid of. (In a way, it should be
taken as a compliment).

Irregardless of how we feel, Microslop will not go away too soon. Is it
really going to take away from the developement if someone asks a few
questions now and then? It might even help with some other problem...
(Yes, I know somewhat-blind-optimism...)


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