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From Michael J McGonagle <>
Subject Re: Ant for J#?
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 20:00:35 GMT
"Hunt, Bryan" wrote:
> If you think that ant should support J# your missing the point. If microsoft
> want to create disruptive technologies it should be at their expense that
> support tools be developed.

I am sorry that you took my post as supportive of Microshod, but you
got  me completely wrong. While the tool is written in Java, it would
appear that there are others using it for NON-Java things. I, myself,
would like to use it for handling the scheduling and process management
for various tasks.

I have thought about using Ant as a process manager for several network
related tasks (ie retrieve via ftp, unzip the file, then do something
else with it...). Or at the very least, it could be used to prototype
something like I described. (What sort of security issues are there
around Ant?)

Beven describes his NON-Java useage for Ant in another message in this

These things have nothing to do with J#, which I would imagine, in the
long run will have a very small percentage of attention from the Ant
crowd. Just in the few months that I have read the list, it seems that
Ant if far more than its supposed predessesor 'make'. And it also seems
that more and  more things are being done with it.

So, other than for Politics, why should J# be treated any differently?
Why even spend the time debating this???


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