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From "David Stagner" <>
Subject Task design question
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 15:57:41 GMT
I'm thinking of writing a new task, and would like some input on the 
design.  The task would wrap Sybase BCP in order to copy controlled test 
data into a database table, while preserving the data that was in the 
table to be restored later.  This way, multiple developers can share a 
single development database without so much headache during testing.

Code-wise, i'm thinking of extending the Execute class (exec task) for 
this.  Does that seem okay?  Execute is a fairly involved piece of code 
and i haven't delved deeply yet.

Implementation-wise, i'm thinking of three actions - dump, load, and 
restore.  Dump saves the current table somewhere (where?), load loads 
new data from a file (dumping first if it hasn't already been dumped), 
and restore loads the original data back iff it was dumped before.  I 
need a standard place to save dumped files (set with a property, 
probably, along with cruft like passwords and other identifiers), and a 
way to identify load files.

Does anyone else have a use for something like this?  I'm basically 
planning to use it as an adjunct to Junit tests.  BCP is a Sybase 
utility, and i don't know what equivalents there are for Oracle and what 
not - if it can be done in a cross-platform manner, i should be thinking 
of that, and not getting too proprietary.

Any thoughts?

David Stagner

National Marrow Donor Program
3001 Broadway Street NE
Broadway Ridge Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN  55413


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