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Subject Re: Ant for J#?
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 22:55:42 GMT
A question I've been wondering about this is which library API will J# use - the one from the
MS CLR, or one that precisely matches the Java library API? It'll be useless to try to have
an implementation which only matches the language syntax but which requires completely different
library calls.


>>> 01/04/02 05:33PM >>>
> From: "Steve Cohen" <>
> What the heck is J#?
> I'd heard of C# which was Microsoft's attempt to make a java-like
> language that wasn't java.
> But what is J#?  An attempt to make a java-like language that IS java?
> Wasn't there just a lawsuit about this?

Sigh. I was hoping to avoid the politics on this.
Your guess is pretty much right.
You might want to read "Just don't call J# Java", 
Here's the key bit:

"Although J# is not Java, it is a full implementation of Sun's Java language
specification and will run many existing Java applications after a simple
recompile or binary conversion. But J# code neither runs in a Java VM
(virtual machine) nor leverages run-time features created after Version
1.1.4 of Sun's Java SDK (software development kit). Microsoft is banking
that the differences between Java and J# will be obvious to lawyers and
judges -- and that J# will give Java serious competition for the minds of
Java developers."

We're just trying to target both .NET and J2EE platforms.
There are customers who would rather run on .NET on Windows
than either (1) pay for a commercial J2EE app server or
(2) use a non-commercial app server. I personally would rather
stick with pure J2EE and a non-commercial app server, but
as you know... the customer is always right.

- Joe

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