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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Thoughts about properties
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 12:02:44 GMT
On Fri, 1 Feb 2002 20:59, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> >      1) Add a '-properties <filename>' to specify a properties file
> >           which in effect "globally" for a single ant run.  Obviously
> >           it's possible to obtain something close to this functionality
> >           by inserting the <properties file=.../> tag at the top of my
> >           build file, but if I have my build.xml files set up in a
> >           cascading manner (as I do) and want the flexibility to build
> >           against any build file in any directory, I have to include the
> >           <properties> tag in every single build file.  And I believe
> > that ant will reload that same properties file with each build.xml it
> > parses, which seems like kind of a waste.
> This particular case could be implemented by doing this:
> <property file="${}"/>
> and then:
>     ant<path to properties file>
> And if that property is not supplied, <property file> will not fail, it
> just ignores it.
> As for it having to be in every build file... nope.  Look at the FAQ and
> using entity reference includes.

I actually think this may be a good idea ;) We already allow users to define 
UserProperties on the command line but doing a bunch of them is cumbersome 
and unwieldy. On many occasions you don't always have nicely written build 
files who all load properties in a consistent and universsal manner. This is 
particularly painful when integrating multiple different projects built by 
different people.

Essentially loading properties file from commandline would be a shortcut. So 
instead of goin

ant -Da=1 -Db=2 -Dc=3 -Dd=4 ... -Dz=26

you just go 

ant -propertyfile

and contains

which is much easier to use I guess.



I just hate 'yes' men, don't you Smithers?

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