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From Phil Surette <>
Subject RE: Where is Antidote? - try emacs for now
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 15:36:18 GMT
I wouldn't say that the antstructure DTD is
unasable. Below, I'm going to outline some suggestions
that would make it better for me, but I think
these should be optional in the antstructure 

In the dtd I attached, I changed all REFID
attributes to CDATA. This is to support
things like:

    <target name='compile'
            description='compile this project'
        <javac  destdir='${class.dir}'>
<!--  -->     <path refid='${src.pathref}'/> 
                <path refid='compile.cp'/>

Since I optionally use aspectj or filters in
my buildfiles which both generate preprocessed
directories, in come builds I want vary
the pathref for the sources.

A problem that I have not yet solved for the
DTD is shown by my _real_ compile target:

    <target name='compile'
            description='compile this project'
        <javac  destdir='${class.dir}'
<!--  -->       debug='${javac.debug}'
<!--  -->       optimize='${javac.optimize}'
<!--  -->       verbose='${javac.verbose}'
<!--  -->       depend='${javac.depend}'>
                <path refid='${src.pathref}'/>
                <path refid='compile.cp'/>

I have a couple of properties files that contain
different values for ${javac.debug} etc. depending
on whether I'm preparing a development build or
a release build; these are read in by the following
    <property file='${build.type}.properties'/>
... so I can switch between dev and release builds
by passing build.type on the command line.

The ant DTD disallows my property names for
the debug etc. attributes, since the DTD
enumerate a list of legal values. This
enumerated list is very helpful
when you're editing, but it makes my buildfiles
invalid. Unfortunately I do not think DTDs
will allow you to use wildcards (like '${*}')
in attribute values so there is no perfect fix.
The only workable fix I've thought of is to
add '${taskname.attributename}' as a legal
value attributes that have a constrained list
of legal values.

One other thing about the dtd I attached:
it probably contains references to some 
extra tasks that I've added to my ant

-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Bodewig []
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 9:49 AM
Subject: Re: Where is Antidote? - try emacs for now

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Phil Surette <> wrote:

> I found I had to relax the ant dtd somewhat to make
> it useful.

Could you please explain what exactly you had to change?  The DTD
you've sent and the one I'd create with <antstructure> are so
different (as reflection returns tasks, types, attributes and all in a
different order on my box and I'm running a newer version of Ant) that
I cannot identify what you had to change.

I'd like to update <antstructure> if it is generating an unusable DTD.



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