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From Phil Surette <>
Subject RE: Where is Antidote? - try emacs for now
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 16:51:17 GMT

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From: Stefan Bodewig []
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 10:58 AM
Subject: Re: Where is Antidote? - try emacs for now


>> Unfortunately I do not think DTDs will allow you to use wildcards
>> (like '${*}') in attribute values so there is no perfect fix.

>True - having an option that makes all attributes plain CDATA would be
>the only fix - but you'd loose a lot here.

What about literally adding '${taskname.attributename}' as a valid value
for all attributes? This solves 80% of the problem with 20% of the effort.
I.e. in the ATTLIST for javac:

>Can you tell the emacs mode you are using to use the DTD to help you
>find values for your attributes - but to not insist on them?

Certainly. But it makes it difficult to use the validator
when there's always a bunch of error messages that aren't
really errors.

I'm not a DTD expert... can you do something like this:
<!ATTLIST javac
	debug %boolean | "${javac.debug}"; #IMPLIED

(the above does not work directly, I don't know how to
escape dollar signs and curly braces in DTDs)

>I'm using plain psgml-mode myself, but don't use a DTD at all (I tend
>to think that I know Ant good enough to not need a DTD, and I'm wrong
>most of the time 8-)

psgml-mode, like you. I also think I know the DTD well enough
but am always stumbling. You need to set up a catalog and add
the DTD decl to the top of your ant build files to get emacs to
start doing work for you. The IBM article
I mentioned earlier describes how to do this.


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