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From Paul Cody <>
Subject RE: outputing stdout of exec tasks?
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 18:08:32 GMT
> Does ant buffer output from an exec'd task and output it all 
> at once?  The
> only reason I can think of as to why I don't see my output is 
> get impatient
> and kill the task.  
> Is there someway I can tell ant to periodically flush output 
> streams of
> exec'd processes?

>From looking at the source, it appears that:

(1) Execute.class does the real work
(2) Execute takes an ExecuteStreamHandler to process the stdout and stderr
(3) LogStreamHandler is the most common ExecuteStreamHandler
(4) LogStreamHandler wraps stdout and stderr in LogOutputStream objects and
starts new Thread foreach stream
(5) LogOutputStream sends each line out output to the Task.log method
(6) Task.log sends to Project.log

Therefore, I'm making an educated guess that the behavior you want is
already the default (it seems so for my processes).  Could it be that your
process just takes awhile to output anything?


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