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From "Miroslav Skultety" <>
Subject Javadoc packagenames - asterisks are not allowed
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 23:25:04 GMT
Hi everybody,

basic question for "ant javadoc" facility. I've tried it on "myapp" example
from standart Tomcat+Ant installation.

I execute it with -verbose option "ant -verbose javadoc" and it showed me
arguments of javadoc:

 [javadoc] Javadoc args: "C:\Program
Files\jdk1.3.1_02\jre\..\bin\javadoc.exe" -d
C:\myjava\myapp\dist\docs\api -classpath ......  -sourcepath
C:\myjava\myapp\src -version -author *

There is asterisk at the end (at place of "packagenames" parameter) but
based on javadoc documentation it is not allowed:
A series of names of packages, separated by spaces, such as java.lang
java.lang.reflect java.awt. You must separately specify each package you
want to document. The Javadoc tool uses -sourcepath to look for these
package names. The Javadoc tool does not recursively traverse subpackages.
Wildcards such as asterisks (*) are not allowed.

I checked build.xml and there was:
    <javadoc sourcepath="src" destdir="${dist.home}/docs/api"

This build.xml was from "myapp" example application from Tomcat + Ant
installation. That's way I suppose, that it is correct! It means that Ant
should replace the asterisk (*) in build.xml "packagenames" atribute with
real packages in the source directory and call javadoc with these real
names. In such a case it would run well, but it doesn't.

Where is the answer?



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