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From "Salma Saad" <>
Subject problem with cvs task
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 21:12:29 GMT
I am having a problem using the cvs task on a windows2000 machine. I am
simply trying to check out code. Here is a snippet from my ant file

 <target name = "checkOutForBuild">
 <mkdir dir="${build.dist}/src" />
 <cvs cvsRoot="${build.cvsRoot}"
       dest="${build.dist}/src}" />

The error I get is:
CreateProcess: cvs -d c:/cvs checkout com error=267

 It seems that there is a problem with the "exec" call. I know this is more
a java/OS problem than an ant problem but has anyone else seen this? Any
idea what error=267 refers to? My cvs repository is on a windows machine and
maybe this happens because cvs for windows is not stable? Any ideas would be
very much appreciated.

Salma Saad
Cascabel Incorporated

Phone:   773.235.1567
Address: 2007 N Oakley Chicago IL, 60647

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