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From Jim White <>
Subject RE: JTest task
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 20:35:42 GMT
At 08:36 AM 4/3/2002 -0800, Blair Jennings wrote:
>You can find the task and some more info under <Path to
>installation>/ParaSoft/Jtest4.x/examples/tools/ant I have it running the
>task on a weekly build box as an Unit test reporting tool.

Gee, that's cool.  I hadn't even noticed that (or known to look for it).

It is easy to call Jtest with <exec>:

    <target name="check-new">
       <available property="jtest-ptp.exists" file="jtest.ptp"/>

    <target name="jtest-new" depends="check-new" unless="jtest-ptp.exists">
       <property name="test.classpath" refid="test.classpath"/>
       <exec taskname="jtest" executable="jtestgui" dir="${basedir}">
          <arg value="-nogui"/>
          <arg value="-gtp"/> <arg file="jtest.gtp"/>
          <arg value="-ptp_new"/> <arg file="jtest.ptp"/>
          <arg value="-classpath"/> <arg path="${test.classpath}"/>
          <arg value="-sourcepath"/> <arg path="${src}"/>
          <arg value="-search_in"/> <arg path="${build.classes}"/>
          <arg value="-report_html"/> <arg file="jtest.html"/>
          <arg value="-summary_report_html"/> <arg file="jtest-summary.html"/>
          <arg value="-detail_report_html"/> <arg file="jtest-detail.html"/>

    <target name="jtest-update" depends="check-new" if="jtest-ptp.exists">
       <exec taskname="jtest" executable="jtestgui" dir="${basedir}">
          <arg value="-nogui"/>
          <arg value="-gtp"/> <arg file="jtest.gtp"/>
          <arg value="-ptp"/> <arg file="jtest.ptp"/>
          <arg value="-report_html"/> <arg file="jtest-update.html"/>
          <arg value="-summary_report_html"/> <arg 
          <arg value="-detail_report_html"/> <arg 

    <target name="jtest"  depends="check-new, jtest-new, jtest-update"/>


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