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From "Brian Murray" <>
Subject Immutable properties aren't really immutable
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 16:36:11 GMT
OK, I give up.  I'm just about ready to switch to make and I don't even
know what make is.

I've had the "properties are immutable" message drilled into me.  So,
can anyone explain how this set of tasks:
   <echo message="WLHome (unset)= ${weblogic.home.dir}"/>
   <property file="${user.home}/"/>
   <echo message="WLHome (user file)= ${weblogic.home.dir}"/>
   <property file="build/"/>
   <echo message="WLHome (project file)= ${weblogic.home.dir}"/>
   <property environment="env"/>
   <condition property="weblogic.home.dir" value="${env.WEBLOGIC_HOME}">
         <equals arg1="${env.WEBLOGIC_HOME}"
   <echo message="WLHome (environment)= ${weblogic.home.dir}"/>

Can produce this output (in ant 1.4.1):

Property ${weblogic.home.dir} has not been set
     [echo] weblogic.home.dir (unset)= ${weblogic.home.dir}  
 [property] Loading home\
     [echo] weblogic.home.dir (user file)= c:/beasp2/wlserver6.0  
 [property] Loading build\
 [property] Override ignored for weblogic.home.dir
     [echo] weblogic.home.dir (project file)= c:/beasp2/wlserver6.0  
 [property] Loading Environment env.
     [echo] weblogic.home.dir (environment)= C:\bea61\wlserver6.1

How can ${weblogic.home.dir} change from what was set in the first
property file?
Brian Murray
Vanderbilt University

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