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From Daniel Barclay <>
Subject RE: Javac Task(Urgent Help)
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 17:27:16 GMT

> From: subhendukumar mohanty []
> ...
> But I have tried with failonerror="no" in javac task. It 
> seems that after one of the compilation error for one class , 
> it does not compile other classes which are not depend upon 
> the failed class.

Isn't it the compiler, not Ant, that's deciding not to compile (or 
not to write out the .class files for) the other classes?

("failonerror" controls whether Ant continues with other tasks
or not if the compiler reports an error.  It doesn't control
whether the compiler writes out .class files for all the classes
that did compile or writes no .class files unless every class
compiled successfully.)

Which compiler are you using?  

> Actually in my project there are 700 classes. After 
> compilation of classes , the next task is to make different 
> jar files for certain group of packages. At the time of build 
> one of the class failed compilation error. After build I 
> found the jar files does not contain anything. Then I saw the 
> stage directory for number of classes, I found that it did 
> not compile other classes which are not dependant on.

You might want to compile your files in groups. 

Under some conditions, you might also want to split your source 
directory hierarchy into several hierarchies to control which
source files the compiler can find even when Ant hasn't directly
requested their compilation.


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