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From stephan beal <>
Subject Re: CVS and ant
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 13:03:21 GMT
On Tuesday 02 April 2002 02:57 am, wrote:
>       [cvs] protocol error: `../source/src/oneOfMyFolders' has
> too many ..
> It is complaining the '..' - the protocol error. I did not change that else
> my ant would not be pointing to the right folder. How can I solve this
> problem?

The <cvs> task uses the standard cvs command-line client to do it's 
work, so it also has the same limitations as that tool. Cvs itself won't 
allow relative paths with ../ in an update command. Try it out on any cvs 
tree you've got laying around:

stephan@cheyenne:~/cvs/qub/lib> cvs up ../
protocol error: `..' has too many ..

Absolute paths will apparently also fail:

stephan@cheyenne:~/cvs/qub> export foo=$PWD
stephan@cheyenne:~/cvs/qub> cd -
stephan@cheyenne:~/cvs/qub/lib> cvs up $foo/
absolute pathname `/home/stephan/cvs/qub' illegal for server
stephan@cheyenne:~/cvs/qub/lib> cd ..
stephan@cheyenne:~/cvs/qub> cvs up $foo/
absolute pathname `/home/stephan/cvs/qub' illegal for server
stephan@cheyenne:~/cvs/qub> echo $foo

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