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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: proposed: ant build contest
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 16:41:13 GMT

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From: "David Colton (ext. 799)" <>
To: "'Ant Users List'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 08:18
Subject: RE: proposed: ant build contest

> There are good points made here. The Ant documentation is very very good.
> is, however, lacking in challenging example buildfiles for the new Ant
> developer. Even the buildfiles in Java Tools for eXtreme Prog. are not
> taxing of the old gray matter !!!

dont worry, there is a book coming soon that will raise the bar in what you
expect from a build file :)

> How about gathering together in one place all the buildfiles used by open
> source projects and inviting the authors to share their "Ant" experiences
> That way you also have the whole source project as well and you're not
> looking at a standalone file.
> The obvious starting place is for the Ant developers to write an article
> about the decision made that led to the current format of the Ant

historical accident

> I personally have learned a lot from referencing this file. I know there
> a few others knocking around in the Apache org. I have even learned a
> from some commercial buildfiles.

Lots of projects have interesting build files, some good, some bad. Some are
better than Ant's, and do more. JBoss's is pretty slick; they have a common
build file that they invoke in different directories to build stuff, using a
properties file to configure it .

> There could be another Ant book in the making here ! You heard it here
> first.

I recommend starting with articles; they are a lot easier.

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