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From "Hertel, Oliver" <>
Subject RE: Compile stops after first error.. how to avoid that?
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 11:04:44 GMT

 > > I want to rebuild the whole project and don't mind if a minor
 > > subproject doesn't compile, but I need all the other 
 > classes compiled.
 > You'd need to have separate <javac> tasks.

Any idea how to do that for 2500 files of sourcecode?

Before using ant we had a loop like this

	for file in `find . -name *.java`
	  javac [...] $file

but that was pretty slow. Can I speed up this kind of parallel compiling
with <parallel> somehow? Or any other ideas? Our whole build needs 75
minutes at the moment, that is quite long (including reconfigure, compile,
creating beans, archiving etc.) ... we really need to speed that up a bit.

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