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From Scott Ellsworth <>
Subject Re: Mapping files into a JAR, seemingly impossible.
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 17:38:30 GMT

On Tuesday, July 30, 2002, at 06:53  AM, Jeremy Kuhnash wrote:

> Thanks Stefan .. of course I was avoiding the use of a temp directory 
> but I guess since Java has problems spawning perl scripts (Has anyone 
> else seen this ?? exec on a perl script does not seem to work at all, 
> though there is no error logging, etc)

I have called perl scripts from Java quite happily.  The key is that 
runtime.exec will not work for this unless you explicitly open, flush, 
and close the input stream for the process, and then parse the return.

If you fail to do this, it will appear to hang.

See <>

I ended up with a three thread implementation that kept stdin, stdout, 
and stderr all fully read/written and flushed.  Tedious code, but it has 
worked like a champ.  (It was for a client, so I cannot release it, but 
it was a pretty clear development from this article.)


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