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From Markus Niedermann <>
Subject Re: Inheritance question
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 14:09:21 GMT
Hi Ori

My tips:
1. Define a common project structure like

    +-- module1
    |    +-- build            (class files)
    |    +-- src              (source files)
    |         +-- com ...
    +-- module2
    (like CVS ;-)

2. Design your build system based on this structure
3. Do not define relative path properties (always use ${basedir}/xy/...)
4. Create for each module a build.xml (like the user interface)
5. Call from the module build.xml the master.xml with the common 
functionality (<ant>...)
6. Inherit your properties => the master.xml works with module data...
7. The master.xml is located in a well known module (configured in the 
8. You can define core functionality in the master.xml,
   and overwrite special behaviour in the build.xml (that's cool and a 
9. You can force by <property file="... at the top of
   the build.xml

- The build.xml acts like an facade to the master.xml
- You can use the build.xml as usual
- It works fine!


Ori Burstein wrote:

>I have used the Ant for a while and I have question I would like to be
>advised about:
>I'm trying to create a build using many ant files which will reuse some
>tasks ( like targets, path, properties), and I would like to "share" those
>tasks in one file, which all the ant files will inherit from.
>Please advise me if this can be done, and how?
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