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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: ejbjar/weblogic tasks don't allow for a manifest file???
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 13:48:08 GMT
Glenn Kidd wrote:
> I was wondering how people out there use the ejb-jar task with weblogic task, 
 > in addition to specifiying the classpath of the ejb-jar via the
 > classpath-in-the-manifest trick.  I don't see an easy way of specifying a
 > manifest file to either the ejbjar or weblogic tasks, perhaps I missed 
 > So how are people out there doing this?  Any help would be greatly 
 > Thanks in advance.
> Glenn


I thought I had documented this but it seems not to have been the case. 
Sorry. The <ejbjar> task supports a manifest attribute which specifies a 
file containing the manifest to be added to each jar that will be fed to 
weblogic.ejbc (in the case of weblogic). This manifest could be generated by 
the <manifest> task. <ejbjar> does not support inline manifests in the way 
the jar task does.

The above approach will use the same manifest for all generated jars. If you 
are generating multiple jars with a single task, you can use the ejbjar 
naming conventions to pick up a per-bean manifest file. So, if you are 
processing a Sample-ejb-jar.xml descriptor, the file can 
contain the manifest for that particular bean.

Finally, How weblogic handles the manifests in jars given to ejbc depends on 
the version of weblogic. I'm pretty sure earlier versions just ignored it.


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