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From Nathan Coast <>
Subject Re: quotes in args for exec
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:50:48 GMT

thanks, yes I had seen your first comment and I can confirm that the mix of both 
relative and absolute paths is correct.  my original build file contained a set 
of properties (no hard coded values).  In order to debug the problem I started 
by successfully executing the command outstide ant.  I then replaced the values 
in build.xml with the values which worked correctly from cmd.  But to my suprise 
ant failed.  I believe the 'classpath' argument is in this case a red herring. 
It is not the classpath for the underlying java executable but it is a parameter 
needed by the executable.  When this parameter contains more than one section 
delimited by a ';' the value of the parameter needs to be quoted.  The relative 
paths are fine as they are relative to the where I am executing ant from.  (btw, 
I have tried with dir set and with absolute paths for all of the parameters with 
the same error.)

I need to execute this

D:\java\jwsdp-1_0\bin\xrpcc.bat -server -classpath 
-d target\classes conf\config.xml

but ant is giving me this

D:\java\jwsdp-1_0\bin\xrpcc.bat -server -classpath 
-d target\classes conf\config.xml

If I execute this line on cmd I get the same error as I am getting when I run 
from witin ant.

If you have any idea how to pass quotes within the arg I'd be grateful.

(note the missing quotes)
Geoff Meakin wrote:
> 2 things
> 1st see my mail from before regarding dir if you havent seen it yet. This is
> probably a cause why
> things arent working from ANT
> 2nd you can use line='"blah"' if you want to (i.e. single quotes for XML and
> embedding normal quotes
> in them), though as far as I know &quot; is also a valid syntax, so this
> leads me to suspect
> the first point instead.
> Cheers
> -Geoff
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nathan Coast []
> Sent: 29 July 2002 04:57 PM
> To: Ant Users List
> Subject: quotes in args for exec
> Hi,
> I need to get quotes in arguments to an exec command.  In order for the
> command
> to work, the -classpath argument needs to be in quotes.  Don't ask me why,
> it
> just does :)
> this is what I have in my build.xml
>        <exec executable="D:\java\jwsdp-1_0\bin\xrpcc.bat">
>           <arg line="-server" />
>           <arg line="-classpath
> &quot;D:\projects\coffeebreak-common\target\coffeebreak-common-1.0.jar;targe
> t\classes&quot;"/>
>           <arg line="-d target\classes" />
>           <arg line="conf\config.xml" />
>        </exec>
> but as you can see from the debug, the quotes are missing from executed
> command.
> [exec] [DEBUG] Execute:Java13CommandLauncher:
> D:\java\jwsdp-1_0\bin\xrpcc.bat
> -server -classpath
> D:\projects\coffeebreak-common\target\coffeebreak-common-1.
> 0.jar;target\classes -d target\classes conf\config.xml
> if I run the exact command above with quotes from cmd, everything works
> fine.
> thanks
> Nathan
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