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From Jeremy Kuhnash <>
Subject Re: quotes in args for exec
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:00:21 GMT
To get yourself rolling on the real task at hand, I would say to write a 
task that performs whatever the .bat does and go from there, Jetspeed 
build.xml runs Tomcat in this manner instead of exec'ing the


At 04:57 PM 7/29/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>I need to get quotes in arguments to an exec command.  In order for the 
>command to work, the -classpath argument needs to be in quotes.  Don't ask 
>me why, it just does :)
>this is what I have in my build.xml
>       <exec executable="D:\java\jwsdp-1_0\bin\xrpcc.bat">
>          <arg line="-server" />
>          <arg line="-classpath 
> &quot;D:\projects\coffeebreak-common\target\coffeebreak-common-1.0.jar;target\classes&quot;"/>
>          <arg line="-d target\classes" />
>          <arg line="conf\config.xml" />
>       </exec>
>but as you can see from the debug, the quotes are missing from executed 
>[exec] [DEBUG] Execute:Java13CommandLauncher: 
>D:\java\jwsdp-1_0\bin\xrpcc.bat -server -classpath 
>0.jar;target\classes -d target\classes conf\config.xml
>if I run the exact command above with quotes from cmd, everything works fine.
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