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From Jeremy Kuhnash <>
Subject Re: Mapping files into a JAR, seemingly impossible.
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 13:53:30 GMT

>Why not?
><mkdir dir="some temp dir" />
><copy todir="some temp dir" preservelastmodified="true">
>   <fileset dir="whatever your jar's basedir would have been" />
>   <mapper type="glob"  from="*.${environment}" to="*"/>
><jar basedir="some temp dir" update="${update_val}"
>      destfile="${}/resources.${environment}.jar" />
><delete dir="some temp dir" />
>should do it.

Thanks Stefan .. of course I was avoiding the use of a temp directory but I 
guess since Java has problems spawning perl scripts (Has anyone else seen 
this ?? exec on a perl script does not seem to work at all, though there is 
no error logging, etc)   I will have to go ahead with it. Would be nice if 
JAR was capable of renaming files in it's archive .... or something :)

Thanks though,

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