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From "Richard T. Williams" <>
Subject RE: vizant optional task
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 18:18:05 GMT
Very nice work - It is very helpful to be able to generate an at-a-glance 
view of the build process.

One thing I would wish for is to have the depends come out in the same 
order as they are listed in the target. For example, the depends in this target

<!-- ==================================================================== -->
<target name="libs" 
   <jar jarfile="${}/expensemap-web.war" basedir="${em.warstage}"

are listed in this order (top to bottom) in the output I get: 
(  compile  jsp_transfer prep_app buildnum). Note that the middle 
two tasks are flipped. Failing that, putting a number somewhere along the 
line, perhaps near the arrow, would be away to tell what order the depends 
are specified in the file. I appreciate that you are minimizing the 
crossing of lines, but I'd rather have a slight messier graph that gave me 
better information...

In a similar way, targets called from within a target are likewise out of 

<target name="production" depends="property_file" description="ship it">
   <antcall target="property_file" />
   <antcall target="clean"/>
   <antcall target="app"/>
   <ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${em.test}"/>
   <!-- prepare other targets that we need for a distribution -->
   <antcall target="kdbpm" />
   <antcall target="jarProperties" />

Thanks for a nifty tool, and for listening to my little gripes  - after 
all, I guess I'm asking you to do some work so I don't have to think as 
hard <grin> !


At 11:31 AM 7/2/2002 +0200, Stefan Kost wrote:
> > This looks indeed promising. I hope your version doesn't suffer from the
> > same kind of problems I mentioned about the XSLT approach (with Ant 1.4.1
> > and entity includes when basedir="..").
>Btw. I asked that someone zip it's build.xml files and mails them to me
>as I am more that willing to expand the xsl solution. I don't have
>sub-builds here. And thus for me the curret solution is fine.
>Nobody mailed me files and I don't want to cook some practical
>irrelevant examples ...
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