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From "N. J. O'Neill" <>
Subject Re: Odd failure for 1.5Beta3 on Compaq Tru64 Unix (solution)
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 18:34:39 GMT
At 05:59 PM 7/3/02, Diane wrote:
>Are you in some kind of evil parallel universe? :)

Maybe not evil, but definitely alien ;-)   The problem turns out to be the 
way in which the Tru64 Unix Bourne shell interprets "$@".

The ant startup script ends with

   ... $ANT_ARGS "$@"

Under the Tru64 Bourne shell, "$@" gets counted as an argument even if $@ 
evaluates to null.  This is the source of the null target request that I've 
been seeing.  None of the other Bourne shells that I've tried (Linux, AIX, 
and Solaris) behave in this way, so I guess it's a Tru64 quirk.

For Tru64, removing the quotes around $@ in the ant script seems to fix 
things.  Another fix is to change the ant script to run under ksh instead 
of sh.

>   The behaviour you get
>is the exact opposite of what you should get (and I do). Ie., with
>target's name set to "", and no args, I get the "Target `main'..." output,
>What happens if you set 'default=""', when that's your target's name? What
>happens if you capture the 'java' command line (up to the "n" in Main) and
>execute it yourself?
>I dunno, maybe I'm missing something obvious, but this one is a complete
>puzzler to me. The only way you should get "Target `' doesn't exist..." is
>if target == null, and I don't see how you could have a default specified
>and end up with target being null. And, given Peter's change (which is
>theoretically only temporarily in, so don't get too attached to it :), if
>you don't have a default specified, but you do have a target named "main",
>then that's what target should be set to, so again, not null. Are you up
>for adding a little debug output to  (I could do it, but
>since things work for me, the output wouldn't be all that meaningful.)


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