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From "Koegel, Michael" <>
Subject AW: [Announce] Character Encoding Converter Task
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 07:18:21 GMT
Would you care to also provide this as a FilterReader?
Makes it much more convenient to use on <copy>, <move>, etc.

I got a feature request on that for native2ascii, but your task seems to be
even better suited.


-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Andy Clark []
Gesendet am: Montag, 29. Juli 2002 07:53
An: ant-user
Betreff: [Announce] Character Encoding Converter Task

I have just posted an Ant task to help automate the
conversion of files from one encoding to another. I
looked around for similar tasks and found: a) the
same thing could be done with the native2ascii task
but you'd have to do run it twice -- once to convert
to \uXXXX format and again (in reverse) to convert to
the desired output encoding; and b) there didn't seem
to be another task that did encoding conversions

In the work for Ant2, I'd remove the native2ascii
task and replace it with a general purpose encoding
converter that also has the ability to convert to
the \uXXXX format produced by native2ascii.

The CyberNeko Encoding Converter (nekoconv for short)
comes with a simple command-line tool, a simple Swing
GUI frontend, and an Ant task. Instead of writing all
of the code to handle wildcards and such, I just
pushed that functionality off to Ant which excels at
that kind of thing. :)

I originally wrote it to help a friend convert a
bunch of resource files in multiple languages into a
single character encoding. But then I figured that
it may be useful to other people as well.

Anyway, NekoConv is released under an Apache-style
license and is available for download at:


Andy Clark *

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