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From "Mann, Jacob X" <>
Subject FW: Problem with entity beans (Bean question answered)
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 20:50:42 GMT
No, what I'm doing has nothing to do with SOAP. I just need to generate
entity bean which can be deployed by Weblogic 6.1

With session beans I don't have a problem but entity beans don't work.
Here is my code in build.xml:
  <target name="ejbcClientEntities" depends="compile">
  <!-- Compile java bean-->
  <javac srcdir="${src}"   destdir="${compile}"/>
   <ejbjar srcdir="${compile}"
    genericjarsuffix="" >
      <weblogic destdir="${dist}"

In attachment captured1.jpg is what I'm getting in the jar[Mann, Jacob] . 
and this is what should be   in attachment captured2.jpg   

Thank you, 

Jacob Mann 
Web Developer BOS 
1200 Wall Street West   Lyndhurst, NJ 


-----Original Message-----
From: Martin Gainty []
Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2002 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: Problem with entity beans (Bean question answered)

>From Praveen Preddi:

Looks like u r directly trying to invoke EJB thru SOAP. You cannot
instantiate interfaces. Any bean can only be accessed thru JNDI.
So best thing to do is invoke your own soap service and the service can
invoke the bena, get the results and send thru the soap response.
Basically the service is just a think layer between EJBs and you soap

Does this help???
Martin Gainty


>Hello list, 
>I've got a problem with entity beans, after I create jar using ANT it 
>deploys with errors by Weblogic server 6.1. 
>After I've opened the .jar I've found that home and remote interfaces are 
>not included in the jar. 
>What would be the reason for ANT not to include them and how it can be 
>Thank you, 
>Jacob Mann 
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